4/30/2023 - Gospel of John - Unmistakable Marks of a Follower of Christ

 John 1:19-51.
  1. How did John the Baptist along with the disciples of Jesus intentionally exalt Jesus as Savior? 
  2. C.S. Lewis avowed that if Christianity was false then it was of “no importance”. If it was true then it was of “ultimate importance”. But the one thing it was never intended to be was “moderately important”.  In what way did a follower of Christ like Andrew, Peter, Phillip or Nathanial exemplify that reality that Lewis described? 
  3.  An essential mark of a follower of Christ involves inviting others to follow Christ. Andrew invited Peter to meet Jesus and Philip invited Nathanael. What does it look like to invite others to follow Jesus today? 
  4. Jesus told Nathanael that he would see greater things. What greater things do you long to see Jesus do in your life? In your family? In your church?
  5. Encourage and pray for one another 

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