5/21/2023 - Gospel of John - The Greatest Gift Ever Offered

Believing and Behaving…The Gospel of John-  The Greatest Gift Ever Offered
  1. Jesus pursues us relentlessly no matter how we unlovable we feel or how many times we have failed.  Take turns sharing some specific times in your life when the realization of His loving pursuit impacted you and how those moments changed your perspective. 
  2. Jesus offers us life-giving satisfaction that only He can give.  But we often try to find fulfillment in other people or things.  What are some alternative sources of satisfaction that our world tempts our flesh to pursue instead of life in Christ?  And what are some biblical responses that will help guard our hearts and minds in Christ?
  3. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when the topic of “worship” is brought up?  How can our definitions of worship differ from what Jesus said about true worship in John 4?  How does Romans 12:1-2 help us understand worship more accurately?
  4. For fun:  What is currently your favorite worship song that we sing?
  5. The Lord clearly calls us to leverage the story or testimony of our relationship with Him to draw others to know Jesus too.  Ask one or two people in your group who have never shared their story publicly to briefly share it with the group and allow the group to encourage one another as the stories are shared. 
  6. As a group, will you embrace the challenge and commit to sharing your hope in Christ with someone before next meeting?  Pray for boldness and opportunities to do so and make a plan to share those encounters with the group as they happen. 

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