Day 28 – Praying for God’s Favor

Praying for God’s Favor

“Let the light of your face shine upon us O Lord” Psalm 4:6

Remember carefree summer evenings when you chased fireflies (lightening bugs)? Researchers are now worried that fireflies are becoming extinct around the world and their warm fluorescent glow is fading. Makes us wonder about the light of faith. In a culture that grows increasingly dim with fear, hatred, loneliness, greed, and violence lets pray for a fresh resurgence of Christ-followers who glow with faith, hope and love.

When the light of the Lord shines upon us, we brighten everything around us! Pray for God’s favor upon your church and its mission to be “Grounded in the Word of God, Drenched in the Spirit of God, and Devoted to the Glory of God.”