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Audio Visual & Production

We have a deep passion to exalt Jesus Christ as Lord and to offer multiple access points for people to experience His presence, know His love and learn His will. We believe in utilizing every resource and platform to do so! You can help us do that by saying yes to the Audio Visual & Production Team. Responsibilities & roles include Sound Production, Lighting, Graphics, IT, video & backstage support. We win when we excellently leverage technology to produce immersive, multi-sensory experiences that display how satisfying it is to worship & serve Jesus.

Nursey & Childcare Team

We love little ones! Our church is designed to reach & minister to young families! With young families often come young children. We make it a priority to love on & take extra special care of these little ones! You can help us provide love and security to them by saying yes to the Sunday Nursery and Caretaker Team. Responsibilities & roles include a rotation on one of our weekly Caretaking, Check-In, or Security Teams. We win by leading & loving these little ones well so that they have a great experience while their parents and or/guardians can fully engage in their own programming with focus, confidence & security.

Welcome Team

We value coming together on Sundays for worship, Bible study, and fellowship not only because the Bible teaches us to do so, but also because we love and benefit greatly from the experience! We want others to value and benefit from our corporate worship experiences too! You can help us make that happen by saying yes to the Welcome Team. Responsibilities & roles include a rotation on one of our Weekly Greeter teams, Security & Crowd Control teams, or Coffee & Connection teams. We win when cultivating an atmosphere of love, excellence & security that leaves an indelibly lasting & positive first impression.

Hospitality Team

Loving people well during times of celebration, grief, or difficulty can vividly demonstrate that we take seriously the call of God to love others as He has loved us! But the atmospheres we create & programming we offer on a regular basis should be marked by the same intention. You can help us do that by saying yes to the Hospitality Team. Roles & Responsibilities include occasional event planning, decorating, provision of meals & support, & outreach encouragement. We win by showing & sharing the love of Christ with anyone & everyone we can through intentional compassion & care during special occasions & a constant commitment for loving hospitality in all we do!

Media Team

We were created to create and we want everything we create here at CrossPoint to reflect the goal and the mission of the church. We value our online viewers and followers and want them to experience the same loving and warm environment those here in person receive. The <b>Media Team</b> works with the Media Director to promote the love of Christ and CrossPoint through various outlets. Roles & Responsibilities may include creating slides, graphics, social media content/posts, uploading or creating videos, website, creating PPTs or app updates.

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