David Gunter Testimonial

I chose to be baptized because…

… I desired to and I felt it was something I needed to do. I grew up in a Christian home, attended church, and was brought up being taught about Jesus. I lived most of my life hearing the word of God, hearing about Jesus and what he did, and I acknowledged it. Or so I thought. But it wasn’t until recently that I really understood Jesus and what he did for me PERSONALLY. I realized that I never had truly had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It was evident through out my life. For a long time I lived in a state what I can only describe as “spiritual neutrality”. In my own mind and my own understanding, I thought that Jesus was a just good person, and that whatever I or anyone else believed in and deemed as “good” was alright with God. As long as you were “good” and just were nice to people, you could go to heaven! Another assumption that I had manifested in my own mind was that “if Jesus died for our sins, then that means I can keep on living a sinful life”. For so long I lived this way; trying to make my own assumptions as to who God was and how I could make him fit into my agenda.

But over time there became a struggle with this, an internal struggle. An internal conflict. I found that even when I had those mindsets of “live and let live”,”coexist”, “just be good”, “do what feels good”, there was an emptiness. There was this feeling of dissatisfaction; a feeling of searching for something and not finding it. A feeling of unrest in my soul. Even when I tried to be good, I found myself getting a short temper, getting angry, and cursing God. Even when I told my wife I loved her, I found myself looking lustfully at other women. Even when I would get paid, go out and buy more stuff, I was dissatisfied. I found myself metaphorically feasting on the material, unholy, evil, sinful things of this world.

My soul was starving for spiritual nutrition.

My work involves some travel around south Mississippi as a territory manager, so I’m up and down these country highways pretty regularly. There are these huge log trucks that travel up and down those roads, barreling past you at 60 or so miles an hour. There has been a time or two that they’ve gone flying by and I thought to myself “if that truck driver just happened to lose control and swerve over into my lane, I would be killed in an instant; i’d be toast”. The first time I started having those thoughts, I really started to ponder: “If I died right now, would I go to heaven?” “What would happen to me?” “I know my wife has been saved, she knows shes going to heaven.” “But what about me?…”. I couldn’t definitively answer that. I began to reflect on my life and the things I had said, the things I had done, even the things I had thought of in my mind. And I didn’t feel too good about what I was seeing in myself…

I had gone my entire life not realizing what repentance meant. Not only did I not know the textbook definition, I didn’t know how repentance applied to my own life personally. After some time of conviction and deep reflection, it all finally came to a head. After listening to a sermon one day, I physically got down on my knees and pleaded for God to free me of my sins. I realized I was a broken, imperfect man that was in desperate need of God’s grace. I realized that God’s grace is given to me, and all of us, through his only son Jesus Christ. He was a perfect man who shed his blood on the cross and died for my sins. All of my sins. For the first time in my life, I had fully surrendered to Jesus Christ and accepted him as my one and only Savior. My Savior that I now could have a PERSONAL relationship with. And I now want nothing more than to follow Him and live out His purpose for my life. Jesus said, “Anyone who believes and is baptized will be saved” which led to me to the great desire to be baptized in water, publicly, to profess my faith in Jesus Christ.

I’m so thankful that God led me and my wife to CrossPoint so that I could come to know Jesus more and be baptized. There has been a strong sense of community ever since we started attending, and Dr. Register and his family have been SO welcoming and SO approachable. We moved here from Tallahassee, FL about a year and half ago for my job not knowing anyone. It truly has been God’s blessing that my wife and I have been able to find a church that has been so inviting and preaches about JESUS!

I’d like to share my testimony or receive more information on being baptized.