Who are are

At CrossPoint our mission is equipping believers to love and lead like Jesus by being Grounded in the Word of God, Devoted to the Glory of God and Drenched in the Spirit of God. 


Refreshing TRUTH

We believe the Gospel is indeed “good news” and the Bible’s “life-giving” truths are applicable for daily life to all people of all ages no matter what life throws at us.  We relentlessly strive to keep God’s Word at the center of our vision to create a “Grounded” community of Christ followers who are “Drenched” in the Spirit of God and “Devoted” to the glory of God.  Whether it is the preaching and praise in our worship services, the dialogue in our Point Groups, or the teaching in our 412 classes and student ministries, we aim to equip people to think and live biblically.

Resilient Joy

We take seriously Jesus’ claim that He came to give us a life of abundance and beauty.  Simply stated, we are convinced that our Savior King hasn’t offered us a second-rate Kingdom!  And while we know all too well how hard life can be, we cling to the abiding joy of our inevitable victory that enables us to endure life’s trials without losing hope and celebrate life’s successes knowing that they are merely a foretaste of the surpassing glory of what is to come.


We strive to stay connected to and led by the Holy Spirit in all that we do, so risky faith is not about being irresponsible or rogue.  Instead, it means that we are not scared to take big risks for the glory of God and the prospect of failure doesn’t scare us.  Our intent is to be the church that regularly steps out in faith and is willing to attempt great things for God no matter what.


We aim to be “difference makers.”  We will be “salt and light” in our world. We will cultivate and leverage authentic relationships to fuel transformation on all levels - from individuals and families; to our schools and workplaces; to our local community and beyond.  That’s why our mission is to equip people to love and lead like Jesus!  And we are convinced that the impact we expect to make will happen most effectively as we connect together, learn together and serve together in the name of Jesus.